Refer and Earn


                                          REFER & EARN 

    1.Who can join this Refer and Earn program?

       All Mydees E-member are welcome to join this Refer & Earn Program. Each Mydees E-member will have own referral code after sign

       up successfully. 

    2.What are the benefits if I refer to my friends?

  1. Each referral will have two types of rewards as below:

  • RM 10 E-voucher

    Get a one time of RM 10 E-voucher by sending your invitation link to your friends and make sure they sign up Mydees account by using your referral code. One more important step is to make sure they do verified their mail after sign up, you will not be able to receive any rewards if your referee/ friends does not verified their mail. This is to ensure that the sign up account is valid account.


  • RM 30 E-voucher

    Get a RM 30 E-voucher for each 3 of your referee first purchased.

    RM 30 E-voucher will be credited into your account automatically after 3 of your referee make purchase online and the purchased history is in COMPLETE status. Please note that this rewards is only valid for each 3 referee first purchase online. Offline (Physical Shop) purchased are not included.


Below is the sample on how to get the rewards:







  • RM 10 E-voucher

You send referral link/code to ABCDEFG, B register successfully using your referral code and done verified email. So you will entitle to have the RM 10 rewards. Please note that even later C or D done verified email and sign up successfully, you will only have ONE RM 10.

  • RM 30 E-voucher

All ABCDEFG done sign up and verified mail by using your referral code, 3 of them (A B C) purchased and once all of the purchased history in complete status, you will entitle to have the RM 30. Please note that second purchased from A B C will not entitle you to have rewards anymore. ONLY (D E F) first purchase will entitle you to have another RM 30.


   1.What is the Terms and Conditions on using the referral rewards?

  1. All referral rewards E-voucher only can be used or only to be redeemed through online purchased. Our offline store is not support to the referral rewards.

    All Referral Rewards E-voucher Expired in 90 days.

  2. How to refer to my friends?

    Below picture show the step on how to refer:



    All others Terms & Conditions please refer to DEES TERMS AND CONDITIONS Info.